Welcome To Flying Sparks Garage

You have landed on the official website of a couple who have a real zest for living the life of their dreams!

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Welcome To Flying Sparks Garage

You have landed on the official website of a couple who have a real zest for living the life of their dreams!

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Our Story

From building cars to flying airplanes Aaron and Emily have a blast being together and creating memories!

They began dating when they were kids, 14 and 17! Aaron’s family business was heavy diesel repair so he grew up wrenching- Emily  jumped into the obsession when she fell in love with him!! He began teaching her and the rest is history! She even convinced him her ideal honeymoon was Hot Rod Power Tour, 2007 the year they got married- a week long road trip with thousands of hot rods! The passion runs deep for them!

They started the YouTube show Flying Sparks Garage in March of 2015, the first season being Emily building a 408 stroker engine for her GTO, Roxy! The next seasons would unfold involving Aaron a lot more and the now adored fun, loving energy of their show was born! The two have fun in the shop together learning as they go and making the best of the highs and lows of wrenching and building cars!

Check out their YouTube show, garage of vehicles, and variety of apparel!


Come on in, y’all!

This is our home shop, lovingly called Flying Sparks Garage! The name was well thought out, it’s meaningful to us! Sparks fly between two people that are fond of each other like we are, spark is vital to run a good ol gas engine AND last but knot least, (see what I did there?!) we LOVE FLYING our little airplane! Take a look around, and be sure to find your way over to YouTube to see us in action!

Roxy, #roxygto

2005 Pontiac GTO- Emily’s first car purchased in late 05! She started the YouTube channel building the 408ci stroked LS which put down 522rwhp and 520rwtq through the T56 trans! We took this car on Hot Rod Power Tour for our Honeymoon in 2007!

Zen, #datzen

1978 Datsun 280Z- Aarons first car at 16 in 2000, then he met Emily a year later and they dated in the car! 15 years later, restored to what you see today for our 10 year wedding anniversary! She packs a 5.3 LS with custom built 180 degree headers and Inglese stacked injection! 365rwhp and 360rwtq is plenty of fun in this little car!

Betty Boop the Bronco, #bettyboopbronco

1974 Ford Bronco- factory 302! Scooped her up in 2013 with blown transmission! Replaced the trans and have been driving as is since! We have a junkyard 5.0 for an upcoming swap, stay tuned!

Diesel Chevy Luv, #dieselchevyluv

1973 Chevy Luv- bought from original owner is 2012, custom I Mark turbo diesel swapped shop truck! 40mpg doesn’t hurt our feelings!

Ellie the Cessna, #ellie172

1976 Cessna Skyhawk 172M- lots of neat history here! This little airplane belonged to family friends of Emily’s, Don and Ellie Burtas! Emily grew up flying in it and Don ended up being a wonderful mentor for Aaron’s desire to become a pilot! Owning this airplane is extremely special to us! Naming her after Ellie made us so happy too. She’s got a Lycoming 0-320 series 4cyl with 180hp, and is an especially fast bird, we see 108 to 110kts in cruise flight, which is quick for a Skyhawk!

Bugatti Kit Car, #buggedoutbugatti

Facebook Marketplace got the best of us on this 68 VW Beetle with a hilarious 1927 Bugatti Type 35 fiberglass replica body!

Audi A3 TDI, #cherrypieTDI

Fantastic little daily driver with a stage 2 tune on the TDI she RIPS and SIPS diesel getting 40mpg and looking sweet.

Garfield The Truck, #garfieldthetruck

1969 C20 rescued and road tripped from Iowa! 350SBC power with Ridetech air ride, NV4500 swapped and 1 ton 4 link & C notched!

The MG

After being parked for 20 years, this 1976 MG Midget was scooped up for 1k and we got her running on the trailer the same day! She’s a great little driver with fresh interior and new soft top!

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The Flying Sparks Garage YouTube channel features Behind the Build Vlogs, In the Shop with Emily, and more adventures!

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